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People enjoy our hot patties in cafeterias, variety stores, and snack bar concessions.  Our product is in the category of meat pies and is more commonly known as a Jamaican beef patty. It is a handheld snack that is sold across the Greater Toronto Area.


Patty King started in 1981 as a retail bakery in Kensington Market, Toronto. Patty King Bakery expanded in 1985 due to the increase demand in the wholesale segment of business. Our operation and production are now only from our Scarborough, Progress Avenue location.

The company is owned and operated by a family who owned a bakery in Jamaica since 1948 prior to migrating to Canada. 


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Beef Patty Spicy /  Beef Patty Mild / Chicken Patty / Vegetable Patty / Coco Bread / Sausage Rolls / Samosas

Patties are available individually wrapped, or boxed by the dozen. Call us for more details. We deliver to businesses in the GTA Monday to Friday.